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Selling time, simplicity and security

Anyone can sell a component. That’s a fact. HydX actually works with the same components as many of our competitors. What differentiates us is that we always make sure that you have acquired the right component or solution. We don’t just sell what you ask for, we also ask if that is what you really need? We question and challenge in order to create the best solutions for you and everyone involved. Give us your trust, and it will not only bring your product forward, it can also help you become the market leader in your segment. We don't only sell components and solutions – we sell time, simplicity, and security.

HydX – a part of Volito Automation

latest News


HYDX Hydraulic Solutions seeks reinforcements in Finland

HYDX is now also investing and expanding in the Finnish hydraulic and electronics market and the Finnish sales organization is to be strengthened with two staff members. Are you one of them? Read on to find out more. We seek a sales engineer and an in-house salesperson/technical customer support to be based in Tammerfors or Jyväskylä.

“In the future, HYDX may invest in more international markets. Finland feels like a natural first step. We see opportunities there, and have chosen it as the first market to focus on beyond Sweden.”

Jari Hämäläinen, sales engineer component systems


Reinforcement of our warehouse staff!

Our positive growth call for reinforcement in our organization. We have therefore hired, Andreas Persson, at our warehouse in Ystad. 


From Danfoss to distribution

Paul Sund, experienced Danfoss electronics ambassador leaves after 31 years at Danfoss and joins HydX.