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Selling time, simplicity and security

Anyone can sell a component. That’s a fact. HydX actually works with the same components as many of our competitors. What differentiates us is that we always make sure that you have acquired the right component or solution. We don’t just sell what you ask for, we also ask if that is what you really need? We question and challenge in order to create the best solutions for you and everyone involved. Give us your trust, and it will not only bring your product forward, it can also help you become the market leader in your segment. We don't only sell components and solutions – we sell time, simplicity, and security.

HydX – a part of Volito Automation

latest News


Senior in the industry – new to HydX

HydX has employed another experienced sales engineer for our Finnish office in Finland. His name is Jari Hämäläinen and he has worked almost 30 years in the hydraulics industry.


HydX has employed Toni Liimatainen

Toni becomes the first account manager at our Finnish branch office in Tampere. 


HydX expands in the Nordics – opens branch in Finland

HydX is opening a sales office in Tampere, Finland, in order to develop the business and achieve an optimal approach to the Finnish market. 


HydX selected as partner in a gigantic voyage of discovery among the stars and galaxies

HydX, in cooperation with SKF, is the supplier of the oil lubrication system to LSST, the world’s largest reflecting telescope of its type, which will produce the deepest and widest images of the universe mankind has ever seen.