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Selling time, simplicity and security

Anyone can sell a component. That’s a fact. HydX actually works with the same components as many of our competitors. What differentiates us is that we always make sure that you have acquired the right component or solution. We don’t just sell what you ask for, we also ask if that is what you really need? We question and challenge in order to create the best solutions for you and everyone involved. Give us your trust, and it will not only bring your product forward, it can also help you become the market leader in your segment. We don't only sell components and solutions – we sell time, simplicity, and security.

HydX – a part of Volito Automation

latest News


HydX acquires MPS Mini Power Systems!

HydX strengthens the product portfolio by acquiring MPS Mini Power Systems, based in Borås. MPS is a company with a strong customer focus and specializing in delivering customized systems in primary compact power units and valve modules.


Another experienced hydraulic assembler strengthens HydX!

In the middle of August Roger Göransson joins HydX as an assembler. Roger has extensive industry experience and very good knowledge of our product range. Roger has a also wide knowledge and experience within service, assembly and quality assurance.


Experienced hydraulic assembler strengthens HydX!

Thomas Jönsson joined the HydX team on May 7th. Thomas has extensive experience in hydraulics, mechanics and assembly with services in both service and assembly. A versatile hydraulic assembler with good knowledge of both components and assemblies.


The new HydX CEO, Mikael Andersson, takes over today: “There is a lot happening in the sector and the company right now!”

Today, 1 March 2018, Mikael Andersson takes over as the new CEO of HydX Hydraulic Solutions. He takes up the CEO position with pride in being given the trust to lead the team of skilled employees that has contributed to the past and current success of HydX. Mikael is excited and expectant about what the future will bring, as there is a lot happening in the hydraulics sector at the moment.