trout fishing in ystad

The wind is coming in slightly from the southeast, perhaps taken all the way down from the Black Sea, wandering up over Poland, flying over the Baltic Sea and across the white beaches of Bornholm to finally reach the southern coast of Sweden. I see some collegues already in the water. It starts to tickle in the stomach. I put on my waders as quickly as possible, put my favourite trout lures in the pocket and grab the already tackled 11 foot fishing rod. 
Plums, the season's first steps into the salt water is always best. First cast, the lure is in the air with a swish and line rushes out from the reel. The first turn on the reel, some jerk with the rod tip, and bam, there it is....

The best moments in Life usually is the small ones. Sea trout fishing is one...

Maybe not so much fish but enjoyable moments.




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