Join forces with HydX to achieve a safe machine

At HydX, we deliver world-class hydraulic and control system solutions. However, our mission does not end there. 

Together with our customers, we can help identify and implement safety functions essential to meet current machine directives or standards. 

This helps you the customer achieve a safe machine. 

_1133502As one of Scandinavia’s leading innovative hydraulic companies, we take great pride not only in delivering the products we offer, but also in sharing the knowledge our experienced employees possess. 

Among other things, this gives us the opportunity to help our customers identify security features for their unique applications. 

- We are here for both new and existing customers, says Per Willberg, HydX Sales Engineer. 

- The customer identifies their safety function requirements, then we can help suggest solutions for the hydraulics and/or control systems. Together, we can solve specific safety functions, both in theory and in practice. We can offer everything from hardware to software as well as complete system design. 

We help you achieve your machine directives 

This means that as a customer, you not only get your application’s hydraulics supplied by us, you also get components and systems that help you satisfy machine directive requirements. Our employees have been trained in machine safety by acclaimed Swedish research institute RISE as recently as January 2020 and have solid knowledge on the subject. 

- Each customer has specific applications with unique challenges and together we find sustainable solutions to satisfy current machine directives, explains Per Willberg. 

HydX was founded more than ten years ago and during this relatively short period has grown into an international company. We work on a global scale; and have a vast expertise in hydraulics and electronics for mobile, industrial and marine applications combined. Not to mention a unique expertise in lubrication technology. 

Have we aroused your curiosity, or do you have questions about your specific machine types? 

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