Good collaboration creates good conditions

2021 has been a positive start for HydX. 
We intend to build on this, while continuing the important development work to meet the market's increasing demands and challenges in the best possible way. 
– Communication and flexibility are two very important building blocks in our work to continuously improve and develop our business partnerships, explains HydX MD, Mikael Andersson. 

HydX1aFor more than ten years, HydX has delivered world-class hydraulic solutions, and the 2021 trend confirms there is a great demand for the innovative and customised solutions that the company develops. 
– We are seeing very high activity within the market, both in terms of our existing customers and exciting new partners, says Mikael Andersson. 
– Despite this strong start to the year, we must bear in mind that we are still in the midst of a pandemic that presents challenges for us all. 
Increased demand - new challenges 
While demand for HydX products is increasing, so too are lead times, the price of raw materials and transport costs. This makes communication with customers and suppliers even more important. 
– We are a flexible partner and in order to maintain this at a time when lead times are increasing, we need to have good communication both internally and externally. Early and accurate communication with our customers is very important right now, so that we can act on these new circumstances together, explains Mikael Andersson. 
Well-stocked warehouse and positive signals 
HydX maintains a well-stocked warehouse in Ystad with quality products from Danfoss Power Solutions, Parker, Bosch Rexroth, Scanreco and Black Bruin, among others. We have the ability to quickly assemble PVG proportional valves and also variations on pumps supported by Turolla's Modular Stock concept. Customer-specific products can present a different type of challenge. 
– That's why we ask our customers to manage projects with as much foresight as possible in order to create the best conditions for timely deliveries and therefore maintain our world-class delivery precision. 
– We are very positive towards 2021, we are flexible and with continued good communication, we expect to meet our customers' expectations with great success, says HydX's MD. 
HydX has extensive expertise in hydraulics and electronics for mobile, industrial and marine applications, as well as unique expertise in lubrication technology. How can we help you? 


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