The One – overall responsibility for hydraulics and electric drives

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Imagine you had a partner who could handle everything that has to do with hydraulics and electrification. A partner who takes overall responsibility, all the way from idea to implementation. 
Now you can have one – The One. 

1The One refers to the collaboration between two innovative Swedish knowledge companies that bring to the table their many years of experience in their respective specialised fields. HydX has supplied its customers with world-class hydraulics solutions for more than ten years now, and ETP Powering Solutions has been an expert in turnkey electric solutions since its establishment in 1978. In 2020, Blue Pac joined the two with its business idea, the battery-driven Electric Power Take-Off (ePTO). 
We are collaborating even more closely today, and that is why we have launched a shared online platform.  
 “Together, we are The One, the only partner your company needs,” says HydX’s Sales Manager Henrik Pålsson. 
“Our combined competence covers all solutions in the fields of electric drives and hydraulics. We can deliver turnkey solutions tailored to the customer’s needs when it comes to combining an electric drive and hydraulics, and a battery drive and hydraulics.” 

Sustainable solutions tailored to your application 

The One refers to two innovative knowledge companies, HydX and ETP, working together with a focus on electrification and hydraulics. We work actively to strengthen our offering of sustainable, low-carbon solutions – smart solutions that make work easier for your company while being climate smart and meeting the stringent environmental requirements that today’s industry is faced with. 
“Electrification is the future, and our unique collaboration provides you with a partner who has the experience and competence you need in all areas of radio control, control systems, hydraulics, electrification and battery drive,” Pålsson explains. 

Working with the customer and environment in mind 

HydX has supplied its customers with smart hydraulics solutions and first-class service since it started its operations in 2009. Its sister company, ETP Power Solutions, is an expert in electric drives and Blue Pac has an environmentally friendly solution that replaces conventional power take-offs in trucks, providing an efficient way to save both the climate and operating costs. 
 “We can help you save both time and money. We have all the knowledge required to find smart solutions to optimise your application, which will ultimately benefit not only your company but also the climate,” says Pålsson. 

Focus on hydraulics and electrification 

In early June, we visited Elmia Wood together, in August we will participate in Elmia Lastbil, and in September you can meet us at FinnMetko.  
We look forward to discussing questions related to electrification and hydraulics during the fairs, but in the meantime, you can reach us through our shared website. (link Click the link to read more about our collaboration and how we can help your company.  
You are naturally also welcome to contact HydX and ETP directly. We are happy to help you.  


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