Scanreco G6 provides HydX’s customers with new possibilities

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Scanreco’s brand-new G6 platform is finally here. 
It provides HydX’s customers with new possibilities. 

DSC05909Scanreco is a world leader in radio control systems, and the Swedish manufacturer has collaborated closely and successfully with HydX for close to ten years. The two Swedish companies are united by their ambition to always create customised solutions of the utmost quality. 
“Together we make a really strong team, which is incredibly valuable for the customer,” says Ulf Hedlund, Export Sales Manager at Scanreco. 
During the autumn of 2022, Scanreco introduced a brand new platform, G6. Its development has taken several years and it is more secure and faster to learn for end customers. The platform offers the customer the opportunity to create a tailored remote control for their machine. 
“It is a unique system, and when HydX offers it to its customers, and adapts it to their applications, they will get exactly the system they need. It will be customer-friendly, customised, and, in short, unique,” says Hedlund. 

Scanreco and HydX are strong partners 

Micro_flat_surfaceThe G6 platform is available in two sizes: micro and mini. The customer can choose the levers, joysticks, buttons, switches and LEDs and place them where they want. The new innovation, the SISP safety platform, is included in all G6 products. 
“We have spent a lot of time testing the G6 out in the field, in both the summer and winter, in different temperatures, and with both simple and advanced applications in a variety of conditions,” says Hedlund. 
 “We have tested the G6 in dirty, dusty and wet conditions, in the dark and in strong sunlight. Especially the latter has been something that our customers have been hoping for and we are certain that we have launched a product of the highest quality and a platform that has potential for growth.” 
Scanreco is a Swedish manufacturer and, just like HydX, operates around the world. The company focuses on radio control systems and solutions for mobile and marine applications, while HydX has first-class competence in hydraulics and electrification, in addition to control systems. Together, they deliver turnkey solutions for end customers. 
Our collaboration provides the customer with unique opportunities within these areas,” says HydX’s Sales Manager Henrik Pålsson. 
 “We focus on the customer’s needs while also emphasising safety and functionality.” 
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