BluePac Hybrid revolutionises the truck industry

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Lower your operating costs, save time and make a significant reduction in your company’s carbon emissions.  
HydX and ETP are presenting a globally unique solution which will revolutionise the lorry industry. 

BluePac HybridAlmost five years ago, the HydX sister company ETP Kraftelektronik presented their own product Blue Pac, an Electric Power Take-Off (ePTO), which replaces the conventional power take-off in trucks.  
BluePac makes it easy to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions, improve working conditions, and work energy-efficiently throughout the workday. 
“Our ePTO replaces idling and drives the truck superstructures electrically. It means that the lorry can operate energy-efficiently and with zero carbon dioxide emissions all day,” says Blue Pac’s salesperson Bosse Karlsson. 
BluePac Standard has been very popular for cranes up to 30–40 ton metres, but now comes the next revolutionising solution, BluePac Hybrid. 
This mobile solution is the result of an innovative and successful co-operation between HydX and ETP Kraftelekronik. It will be presented, for the first time, at the Transportation trade fair in Jyväskylä, Finland on 25–27 May. 
“All around the world the trend is the same: everyone wants to be able to work fossil-free. HydX and ETP have now developed a globally unique solution which will help to drastically reduce the CO2 footprint,” explains Jari Hämäläinen, Sales Engineer for HydX. 

BluePac Hybrid – an innovative and effective ePTO 

Deep_lake_blue_Bluep...HydX are experts on hydraulics for mobile, marine and industrial applications and the company has first-class competence in lubrication technology. ETP has extensive expertise in electrification and battery drives and together the two companies have high competence in hydraulics and electric drive. 
“We work in close collaboration and deliver turnkey solutions that are tailored to the customer’s application and optimised for their needs,” says Jari Hämäläinen from HydX.  
“This solution is only one example of our effective and innovative collaboration.” 
BluePac Hybrid gets its power from a 32A socket in the wall and from a smaller battery during “peaks”. It is able to supply cranes up to 90 ton metres with the power they need and the basic model battery gives approximately 20 minutes of operating time where power is not accessible. 
“This is an easy, sustainable and effective solution both financially and climate-wise,” says Bosse Karlsson. 
“BluePac Hybrid can electrify bodywork which demand high pressure and flow.” It makes the CO2 reductions even higher. It is also mobile which makes it easy to move between different trucks and the moving process takes 20 minutes, at the most.  
The new ePTO from HydX and ETP Kraftelektronik is a flexible solution, where each company can plan the use of the BluePac Hybrid according to the needs of each day and then move it where it is needed the most. It is an effective solution which increases companies’ opportunities and revolutionises the truck industry. With BluePac Hybrid it is easy to save time, money and the climate. 
Come meet HydXMobile Integrator and ETP Kraftelektonik, and check out BluePac at the Transportation trade fair in May or contact us already today. 
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