Better working environment with the next generation of gear pumps in the Danfoss sshark® range!

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02.12.2019 At last we can present a gear pump that really does make a difference to your working environment. 

- There is a significant improvement in noise levels, explains Henrik Pålsson, Sales Manager for HydX. 

sshark-gr-2-cutawayA conventional gear pump has a high frequency acoustic signature that in most applications becomes more or less troublesome. To reduce the disturbing acoustic emission, noise-cancelling measures are often used both inside and outside the hydraulic system, which of course adds unnecessary costs to the application. 

Now there is a sophisticated alternative, the Danfoss sshark® pump. 

It is an external gear pump with a more agreeable acoustic signature and outstanding performance throughout the whole life of the pump. With its simple, sophisticated and patented design, it holds its own against competition from the most popular silent gear pumps. 

- The sshark® design offers up to 10 dB noise reduction over regular gear pumps. Not only that, flow pulsations have been reduced by a staggering 78%, which is excellent, says Henrik Pålsson. 

- It even has better efficiency. This all contributes to a much better working environment and means that you don’t need as many other noise-cancelling measures, with smaller losses in the hydraulic system. This means that we also save on our environment. 

Positive impact on our working environmet

There are several typical applications that can benefit from the characteristics of the sshark® pump, particularly those where people work in the direct vicinity of the pump. Henrik Pålsson mentions some examples, such as in the tractor cab, indoor lift trucks of various kinds, lifting tables, agricultural machinery. 

- These are the next-generation of pumps and they have a very positive impact on our working environment, he says. 

From February 2020, HydX will have Group 2 sshark® pumps in stock, with displacements from 8 to 22 cm3/rev. These are completely interchangeable with standard Group 2 pumps with European 4-bolt flange and tapered shaft. 

- If you have new projects where you would like to use this technology or simply want to lower the noise level in your existing application then we’d love to hear from you, says the HydX Sales Manager. 

- We will help you immediately, no need to wait. 

If you want to know more about Danfoss sshark® pumps, then visit our PRODUCTS page and click your way to PUMPS / FIXED DISPLACEMENT / GEAR PUMPS / Danfoss / Aluminium low-noise (


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