HydX ends decennial anniversary by reaching milestones

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2019 saw HydX celebrate its 10-year anniversary, but it’s not the company’s only achievement this past year. 

During the last few weeks of the year we reached additional milestones. 

 - It feels great to end our decennial anniversary with not just one but two milestones, says Henrik Pålsson, Sales Manager. 


HydX10år_skärmbakgru...During the final weeks of the 2019 decennial anniversary, HydX impressively passed the billion (SEK) mark in total order intake. 

- A really fantastic amount. We didn't even think in terms of those kinds of numbers when we first started out ten years ago, says Henrik Pålsson. 

- A billion (SEK) then felt like an impossibly large number, but now we are there. It is simply amazing. In addition, it is remarkable to think that over 90% of these sales are from OEM customers of some kind. However, that figure is not surprising as it has been our focus ever since our start in 2009. 

Focus on OEM customers 

HydX has always focused on collaborating with customers who have a recurring need where we can be a partner in the development of customer applications. HydX not only takes responsibility for the design and development of the systems for the customers, but also for the supply of the products. On top of that, we at HydX also support both the products and the systems, which is becoming increasingly more important. 

- If you can't get help when you need it, costs will quickly escalate. On the other hand, if you have a supplier that has the expertise and the ability to quickly provide support, you are a winner in the long run. This is the service we provide to our customers, explains Henrik Pålsson. 

- A billion (SEK) in sales shows what confidence we have received from our customers over the years and we are incredibly grateful for that. Not to mention our amazing staff, who are passionate about getting all these systems, products and services to our customers. Therefore, they are all an important part of this success. 

Effective assembly line 

image001(1)The other milestone that was passed at the end of 2019 was that HydX now has assembled over 2000 Mini Power Systems from Bosch Rexroth using its newly established production line in Ystad. 

That too is an impressive figure. 

- A highly-organised logistics flow together with an assembly line that can effectively deliver both standard units and aggregates with a very high degree of fault-free customer adaptation is something we are very proud of, says Mattias Salomonsson, Production and Logistics Manager. 

- It is our staff's commitment and expertise combined with high-quality products and a high-tech testing facility that made this possible. 

In other words, HydX ended its first decade on top and is now commencing a new one with the aim of reaching even further milestones. 


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