Danfoss Premium Partner - third consecutive year

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Once again, HydX has been awarded Premium Partner recognition by Danfoss. 2020 is now the third year in a row that we at HydX have been certified to the highest level in the Danfoss Power Solutions Partner Excellence Program. 
- It’s a stamp of quality within mobile hydraulics, which we are proud of, says Mikael Andersson, MD. 
- We have a very long and good relationship with Danfoss and are very proud and happy about both this award and the fact that we as a company have such good employees within all positions. 

Mikael_HydXDanfoss was founded in Denmark nearly 90 years ago and today is one of Denmark's largest companies. It has a proud history, a vast knowledge and a broad product range. It is well renowned for its heating and cooling technologies, but the company's hydraulics division, Power Solutions, is its largest. 

The company has more than 24,000 employees in more than 47 countries and we at HydX have had a long and rewarding collaboration with Danfoss for a decade. In addition, several of our employees have previously been employed by the Danish company, which means that within our organisation we have between 20 to 25 years’ experience working with Danfoss products. 

- An award like this means a lot to us; it proves we work in a proper manner and confirms the breadth and depth of skills that our employees possess. It’s an award that also has great significance outside Sweden's borders; us being part of an exclusive group of selected partners. It’s a great honour, says Mikael Andersson. 

 Extremely important award 

He points out that our strong collaboration with Danfoss is also a great advantage for our customers. 

- Since we have a long relationship, we also have sound knowledge of their product range and if any of our customers need very specific help, we can also offer them support from Danfoss technicians. 

Danfoss Power Solutions is also very pleased with the close cooperation that has been developed and strengthened over the last decade. 

- We have had a very good and significant collaboration with HydX for many years. Both in Sweden and Finland. HydX is a very important partner in the areas where Danfoss Power Solutions operate. Their high level of competence and their ability to remain at the forefront of development in combination with their unique customer base are crucial to succeed in a demanding market, explains Ulrik Krag, Distribution Senior Account Manager for Danfoss Power Solutions. 

HydX an important partner 

The company is proud that for the third year in a row, it has been able to appoint HydX as Premium Partner. 

- HydX has shown a willingness to develop its competence platform, while at the same time being able to fulfill its commitments, which is very important criteria for achieving this highest rating, explains Ulrik Krag. 

- Thanks to their comprehensive knowledge, their professionalism and systematic strategy, HydX has again managed to reach this highest level. Benefitting both old customers as well as new, HydX constantly continues to develop its expertise.


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