HydX - with the whole world as our workplace

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We are a medium-sized Swedish company - with the whole world as our workplace. 

Our journey is extremely inspiring and now we welcome you to be a part of it. 

This is our newly started blog and here we will take you behind the scenes; you will get to know us a little bit better, about the products we work with, as well as our business partners. You will also find out some new things, we will provide you with useful tips and educate our readers in our various business areas. 

We want to take you into the exciting and inspiring world of hydraulics, control systems and radio control. 

HYDX is a Swedish company that has its head office in Ystad way down in the south, but we also have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Tampere, Finland. We mainly work with hydraulic system design, control systems and radio controls. Perhaps you have already heard of the world's largest reflecting telescope, LSST, being built in Chile to produce the deepest and widest images of the universe that Man has ever seen? 

For this we are proud to have manufactured the oil lubrication systems together with SKF. 

But we work with considerably more things than this, we especially have a great knowledge in our three core areas of hydraulic system design, control systems and radio controls, which we pass on to many small and medium-sized companies. In our blog we will continuously talk about news in our different speciality areas and we will provide you with that little extra insight into the different technologies that we and our partners represent. 

You will be able to read more about our company and the brands we work with. We will tell you about our speciality areas, give you advice on products that are otherwise not so easy to find, and will also share with you our vast wealth of knowledge, in the form of texts, images and video. 

We look forward to helping you broaden your views and deepen your knowledge. 



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