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08.10.2020 After a turbulent first half of 2020, we’ve adapted our operations, our routines and our approaches to something new. 
Even though things are different from the way they were, we at HydX can still promise you the same service, the same commitment and the same fast deliveries as before. 
We are here for you in the new normal day-to-day. 

During the unpredictable spring we were able to maintain our usual timely deliveries, thanks largely to our well-stocked warehouse, and during the summer we kept up the hard work.  
Now we, and the world, have entered the next phase of the pandemic. 
HydX3a– The autumn has started positively, we no longer face restrictions, our order books look strong, we can offer good delivery times and we continue to have a well-stocked warehouse, says Mikael Andersson, Managing Director. 
– We are back to full strength and have found our place in the new normal day-to-day. We can receive customer visits and we’re working at full speed. 
The staff at HydX have been working full time since a couple of weeks into the summer and MD Mikael Andersson is looking forward to the autumn, and especially the opportunity to meet customers again. 
– Our digital meetings have worked well, and we still offer this opportunity to those customers who prefer it. Having said that, it's really nice to be able to meet our customers again, and we of course follow all recommendations and keep our distance, he explains. 
Meeting customers responsibly 
For us at HydX, it’s about taking a personal responsibility for each other, so that we and our customers can reduce the spread of infection and work our way through the current pandemic together in the best way possible, then move on from this new normal stronger. 
– We look forward to meeting our customers again in their own environments. Relationships are extremely important to us; we really care about our customers and partners. The small talk between two individuals in a meeting is extremely important, some of this is lost when participants in meetings sit behind screens. We are all human beings and for us at HydX these interpersonal connections are important, even though our industry can be perceived as being a little impersonal, says Mikael Andersson. 
– Now it’s important that we as a company learn how to handle this new normal and focus on being there for our existing customers while finding new ones and laying the foundation for a strong 2021. 
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