HydX combines electrification and hydraulics

Electrification is becoming more and more prevalent worldwide. This is a development we at HydX are monitoring closely to remain a preferred partner for you in everything relating to hydraulics, control systems, radio control and electric drives. 
“This is yet another step towards providing our customers with Smoother Business,” says Henrik Pålsson, Sales Manager at HydX. 

10-3When it comes to electrification, we at HydX have a range of alternatives to offer our customers. We have had a close partnership with Danfoss Power Solutions for nearly a decade, many of them as a Danfoss Premier Partner, which means we are well equipped to help our customers take the next step towards electrification. 
“As a Premier Partner we have access to advanced know-how and world-leading products also in this field. This allows our customer to feel confident in entrusting us with developing their technology,” says Henrik Pålsson, Sales Manager at HydX. 

Unique combination makes things simpler for customers 

HydX also co-operates closely with Parker, a leading drive supplier that has provided electrification for a wide variety of applications. In spring 2021, our offering was further expanded through the acquisition of ETP Powering Solutions and Blue Pac by our owner, Volito Automation AB. This will further expand the options available to our customers. 
“We have an extensive selection and our partners’ offerings complement one another. We see enormous potential here for all machine builders considering electrification,” Pålsson says. 
“Our combination of hydraulics and electrification makes HydX uniquely positioned towards small and medium OEM customers, serving our customers as a comprehensive partner in both of these key areas. We are prepared to join our customers on their journey, to supply electric drives and make things simple for the customer – our next step in achieving Smoother Business. 
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