World-class mini aggregates production line

HydX’s motto is Smoother Business. Doing business with HydX needs to be simple and smooth for the customer, and we deliver turnkey solutions cost-effectively. 
Since 2018, this also includes world-class mini aggregates, thanks to our fruitful collaboration with Bosch Rexroth. 

01221RexrothOur collaboration became possible when, in 2018, HydX acquired Mini Power Systems, a company specialising in delivering customer-tailored mini aggregates, largely based on components from the Compact Power Modules portfolio of industry leader Bosch Rexroth.  
“HydX’s strength has been – and continues to be – the installation and delivery of systems, both simple and more advanced, on very short notice. Our motto, Smoother Business, also applies to our Mini Power Systems product range. Our set-up and competence enable us to manage the entire chain cost-effectively, also when it comes to these products,” explains Mattias Salomonsson. 
“This means the ability not just to deliver components, but to also deliver complete solutions. We install and deliver complete aggregates, including electrical and control systems, and we are authorised to supply UL and CSA marked complete systems. This, together with our well-stocked warehouse, creates the added value that our customers appreciate.”  

Strong and committed co-operation 


Bosch Rexroth is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hydraulics, and its Italian unit and the Swedish HydX collaborate closely.  
“We are both extremely well-prepared, qualified and serious partners. We co-operate openly and highly value our collaboration. Both of us are flexible and available for one another. This is a big benefit to HydX’s customers, and we can support them through our competence, technical data and competitive pricing,” says Ciro Davoli, Sales Indirect Channels Europe for Bosch Rexroth. 
The partnership’s transparency and mutual respect are of such a high calibre that Ciro Davoli feels as though their partnership goes back decades. 
“HydX’s people are incredibly skilled, professional and well-organised, while also being highly in tune with the markets,” he says. “Our relationship is excellent; even though it has only lasted three years, it feels like we’ve known each other for more than 20.”  

World-class mini aggregates production line 


This is further proof of the values incorporated in HydX’s concept Smoother Business: customer relationships, business-to-business relationships and partners have always been, and will continue to be, of utmost importance to the Swedish company.  
“Thanks to Bosch Rexroth’s modular programs, made up of compact power modules and valves, we can today offer a world-class mini aggregates production line,” explains Mattias Salomonsson. “This applies to both the scope of delivery and extremely efficient delivery times, despite the global markets’ current struggle with lead times and transports. We also ensure that everything is fully tested before delivery, which guarantees high quality.” 
Currently, HydX’s installation and product warehouse are located in Ystad, Sweden, where the company has built a modern production area for the fast and systematic processing of these types of assemblies. 
Would you like to know more about our products? Feel free to contact Mattias Salomonsson or Karl-Johan Finneman. 


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