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HydX has begun a collaboration with the upper secondary school Ystads Gymnasium. 
It involves work-based learning for students in the Electrical and Energy Programme. 
“It is really interesting, challenging and educational training that will prepare me for working life,” says Melker Andersson. 

DSC04266Over several years, HydX has collaborated closely and successfully with the fourth-year technical students at the upper secondary school Ystads Gymnasium, and the co-operation with the school has now been strengthened further. During 2022, HydX has launched a collaboration with the Electricity and Energy Programme at Ystads Gymnasium, arranging a 15-week work-based learning opportunity for two students in their final year. 
“We came to the conclusion that there was room to deepen our successful co-operation. The students from the technical programme fit in perfectly at our office, but as HydX grows, we also need to strengthen our production by finding new talent,” says Mattias Salomonsson. 
That is why HydX has developed its collaboration with the local upper secondary school. With help from Jenny Norberg Randowo from Ystad municipality’s business unit, the company got in touch with the school, and received help in charting its competence needs. 
“HydX is a company that operates strategically and sustainably in terms of its competence management. It is well aware of what it needs and this makes it easy for me in my roles in business development and the business help service to connect them with the relevant training programmes,” explains Jenny Norberg Randowo. 
She quickly matched HydX’s needs with the Electricity and Energy Programme. It is an excellent match as the syllabus includes industrial automation, programmable control systems, electric drive control, electromechanics and mechatronics, skills that are very valuable for employees on HydX’s production team. 

An excellent match

During 2022, two third-year students have carried out their work-based learning at HydX and it has become clear over the course of their work that the programme is an excellent fit for HydX’s area of operations, benefitting both parties. 
“I didn’t really have any idea what HydX did, but when we came here for an introductory visit, my first impression was good,” explains one of the trainees Linus Franzen. “The people here are great, they made us feel welcome and have confidence in us.” 
Melker Andersson agrees and he is very happy with his training. 
“This is a workplace where I feel included, I get rewarding tasks and there is always someone to ask if I need help. Every day is an opportunity for me to learn, be challenged and develop. It is always fun to go to work. We are part of the team,” he says. 
DSC04210HydX is a high-tech company that can design, draw and manufacture its own hydraulics aggregates. The company also sells hydraulics for mobile and marine applications, and provides electrical systems, as well as opportunities to combine them with advanced control systems. The company has locations in three Swedish cities and in Finland, and is currently in a very expansive phase. 
“To enable further growth, we need skilled personnel in different areas, which is where our collaboration with Ystads Gymnasium fulfils an important role,” explains Mattias Salomonsson. 
 “The collaboration with the school is also an important part of our work in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, in this case goal 4 ‘Quality Education’.” 

For more information on HydX’s collaboration with Ystads Gymnasium, please contact:

Mattias Salomonsson  Tel: +4676 7724575 E-mail: mattias.salomonsson@hydx.se


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