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The One welcomes Mobile Integrator and the platform’s growth continues.  
HydX, ETP Kraftelektronik and Mobile Integrator are building an exciting partnership that creates sustainable, effective and customised solutions.  
“This is a great opportunity for our customers; we can deliver hydraulics, electronics, batteries and control systems in whatever combination the customer needs,” says HydX’s Sales Manager Henrik Pålsson.  

2-7During 2022, HydX and ETP Kraftelektronik presented a united front and since early summer of 2022, their shared platform has become even stronger. This is thanks to their shared owner’s, Volito Automation’s, acquisition of Mobile Integrator, a company that offers sought-after software and hardware solutions for mobile machines.  
“Thanks to the acquisition, we can now offer our OEM customers not only new sales, product and technology development and engineering and manufacturing of hydraulic systems, but also electric drive and control solutions,” says Johan Frithiof, Volito Automation’s Managing Director.   
Mobile Integrator is specialised in the development, implementation and system installation of mobile machinery electronics. The new collaboration between HydX and Mobile Integrator creates the opportunity to produce, deliver and install unique turnkey solutions directly to the customer.  
“Our collaboration gives customers access to even deeper competence in electronics and digital platforms, and the opportunity to develop, manufacture and implement customised hardware,” says Mobile Integrator’s CEO, Kjell Wester.  

The One – your partner for hydraulics, batteries, electrification and control systems  

Since 2021, HydX and ETP Kraftelektronik have collaborated closely. The two innovative knowledge companies came together under the name ‘The One’, which describes their collaboration to a T. A partner who takes overall responsibility for hydraulics and electrification, all the way from idea to implementation.  
“Our combined competence covers all solutions in the fields of electric drives and hydraulics. We can deliver turnkey solutions tailored to the customer’s needs when it comes to combining an electric drive and hydraulics, and we can also add a battery, if required,” says Pålsson.  
“We are now adding further competence in mobile control systems and high-level software to the mix, which allows us to create digital solutions with connectivity.”  
The sister companies HydX, ETP and Mobile Integrator work actively to strengthen the offering of sustainable solutions that significantly reduce CO2 emissions, while at the same time being smart and cost-effective.  
One example is Blue Pac, an Electronic Power Take Off, which is designed to save time and money and reduce the climate footprint of the heavy goods vehicle industry. 
Blue Pac replaces the traditional power take-off on heavy goods vehicles and makes it easy to reduce CO2 emissions, lower operating costs, and work energy-efficiently throughout the workday.   
The One is your partner for hydraulics, batteries, electrification and control systems. If you have any questions, please contact us. We can help your company find the smartest and most effective solution perfectly suited to your application. 
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