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A little over 100 years have passed since electricity became a natural part of Sweden's industry and Swedes' everyday life. 
Nonetheless, electrification is not over. 
It is still our way forward and together with our partner Danfoss, we are involved in its development. 

Namnlösdesign-3In 2019, Danfoss’s acquisition of American UQM Technologies, which develops alternative energy technology, was confirmed. It is the latest of a number of electrification acquisitions made by the Danish company during the past year. 
As a Danfoss Premier Partner, we at HydX are positioned to help our customers to develop and take the next step in this second-wave of electrification that is now sweeping the globe. 
- A change in legislation has meant that there is a great drive to facilitate the transition to electricity, says Danfoss’s Eric Ahlström. 
- Whether it’s excavators in Norway or passenger ferries and transporters from the countryside to cities in China, a solution is needed. 

Increase efficiency and productivity 

Electrification provides increased efficiency and productivity for our customers. It also provides them a great opportunity to grow now that large machines that were previously powered by diesel engines are being electrified. 
- This technology shift places great demands on us as a supplier because we have so far based our business mainly on hydraulic solutions with their associated control systems. If we are to continue to supply our customers in the future, we must be part of this journey. Therefore, it is extra reassuring when such a strong player like Danfoss is willing to invest in this technology change, says HydX Sales Manager, Henrik Pålsson. 
- As Premier Partner, we have access to comprehensive know-how and world-leading products in this area also. This gives our customers the confidence in us to continue to responsibly influence their technology development. 
Danfoss Editron specialises in hybrid and electric drive systems, for both marine applications as well as applications for rough terrain. Danfoss has the products needed to electrify your application. 
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