Scanreco is a proud partner to HydX Hydraulic Solutions

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Scanreco is a Swedish manufacturer that is a world-leader in radio controls. Furthermore, it is a proud partner to HydX Hydraulic Solutions. 

- We are an extremely strong team and our collaboration with HydX is invaluable to the end customer, says Ulf Hedlund of Scanreco. 

GraphicDesign(2)The collaboration between Scanreco and HydX Hydraulic Solutions is well established. The companies have been helping each other since 2013 and their joint work creates unique solutions for the customer. 

- HydX helps us create a complete solution, especially for customers who want radio-controlled applications where safety and precision are crucial, says Ulf Hedlund, Export Sales Manager for Scanreco. 

- We focus entirely on radio control, while HydX has cutting-edge expertise in hydraulics and delivers a complete solution to the end customer. This means that together we help the end customer to get the maximum out of their radio control. Our cooperation is extremely important for both of us, we know each other well and have a continuous dialogue. At Scanreco, we see HydX as an important partner. 

Operating in a global market

Scanreco is a Swedish manufacturer operating in a global market, with HydX Hydraulic Solutions their distributor for Sweden and Finland. 

- Our collaboration gives us an excellent opportunity to strengthen our position in Sweden and Finland; moreover, their expertise is important for the end customer. This means that the customer gets access to their excellence, their fast deliveries and their extensive stock, says Ulf Hedlund. 

- The warehouse in particular has been key to this success; HydX gets involved, they always have fast deliveries and they deliver within the specified time. We work together for continued mutual success and we are a strong team. This is a great benefit for our joint customers. 

A unique supplier

Scanreco is a world-leader in the production of radio controls for mobile and marine applications. HydX uses almost the entire Scanreco product portfolio and is happy to integrate it with the Danfoss Plus+1 control system. 

- It gives us a great deal of flexibility and the opportunity to customise each system to the customers’ individual requirements. We can also integrate them into their existing control system, says Henrik Pålsson, Sales Manager for HydX. 

- We have four application engineers who can programme the systems from Scanreco and Danfoss Plus+1. The investment in this expertise has really been important for our development and will continue to be the case moving forward. Being able to talk hydraulics, control systems and radio control with one and the same supplier, that’s unique. 

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