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Welcome to HydX newsletter. We will, every now and then, publish newsletters in various forms. We currently have four different news letters that have different tasks in our news feed. Some of more interest to you and som of less, therefore you can choose to which you want to subscribe. Here, at our website, you can edit your profile and download old news letters from our archives.

HydX News - This newsletter describes news regarding HydX as a company. Here you can read how we evolve, what our future plans are and other interesting things about the company and those who work here.

HydX Offers - Here we introduce you to various campaigns and promotions. It can be anything from the sale of old stock items to marketing of new products. With HydX OFFERS you are always updated on our offers.

HydX Product News - Here we publish varoius product news from the portfoliros we represent, or if we release a Product of our own.

HydX Product Information Bulletin - This news letter gives you information when you are affected by product changes. When manufacturers change the performance or installation dimensions it is of great importance that you get to know it as soon as possible.

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