You handpick the Nordic countries’ smartest entrepreneurs in industrial automation and bring them together in a single group. You let them operate and develop the group's various businesses as they see best. The result is a group of individually strong companies, each with high aims, big ambitions and a unique understanding of their customers. That, simply, is the idea behind Volito Automation.


Since its inception in 2010, Volito Automation has started up and acquired companies in industrial automation. In 2015, Volito Automation was restructured into two business segments, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operations) with the aim of achieving more efficient resource allocation and greater development opportunities. The OEM segment consists of HydX and Hydro Swede, merged under the joint name HydX. The MRO segment consists of HydSupply, Hydratech and PF Hydraulics, which were merged under the name HydSupply, as well as HINDAB, which was acquired in November 2016.

sustainability, quality & good RELATIONs

Volito Automation is in a strong growth phase and ready for further expansion. Today, the group consists of five companies established in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The group is built from below on the basis of knowing what customers want most: the best solutions, great commitment, excellent service, understanding of customer challenges, flexibility and quick decisions.

The partners, associates and entrepreneurs chosen by the group are those that see the importance of such qualities. They share the values of sustainability, quality and good relationships, and are ready to start up and develop the best companies that they have ever worked at. The group believes that people run businesses, not vice versa. Therefore, the staff members at the subsidiaries are the Nordic countries’ most experienced and skilled in their fields.

Volito Automation’s subsidiaries are all locally based, with their own staff, customers, business concepts, specialist know-how and income statements. Within the group, the companies collaborate and support each other, both in everyday projects and work on long-term strategy.

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Henrik Pålsson
Sales Manager Component Systems

Hydraulic is everywhere

Are you curious about hydraulics? Watch our film and find out about the possibilities that exist.

Today we are one of the NORDic region’s MoST competitive and INNOVATIVe HYDRAULIc companies, sought after by companies worldwide.

Mikael Andersson,
CEO of HydX


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