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Hydraulic systems drive many of the operations you see around you in everyday life. Hydraulics have been around since the late 18th century and are present in a lot of the heavy machinery society depends on. In agriculture, hydraulics continues to help farmers produce food for a growing population – now supported by intelligent control systems.

Hydraulic systems are also used to dramatically increase productivity for sustainable and renewable products in applications such as forestry. Not that long ago, forestry was dominated by manual labour and horse-drawn transport. But today, machine owners can monitor a machine’s location and functions from anywhere and get access to full production statistics.

At sea and in port, marine hydraulics play a vital role in a wide range of applications. Hydraulic systems are applied in ships and on platforms or – as in this case – in unloading operations. The work can also be remote controlled for easier access and increased safety.

involvement throughout the machine’s lifecycle

At HydX, you meet people who have specialist knowledge on the applications you have seen. Our experts are system designers. They select the best hydraulic and electrical components from well-reputed suppliers, and integrate these components into a system that is greater than the sum of its parts.

With HydX, you are in safe hands. Our design expertise and application knowledge enables us to optimize all machine components for maximum performance. Regardless of whether you already have an application on the market or are developing something new – we can offer you our total commitment via our Smart HydrauliX concept. We take care of the entire design of your machine, from planning and machine assembly to easy access to service and spare parts. Our commitment continues throughout the machine’s lifecycle.

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