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HydX focuses on two hydraulic aggregate segments; small systems – mini aggregates – and larger systems called aggregate systems. The mini aggregates are called Mini Power Systems (MPS) – a name that describes this kind of aggregate’s perhaps most important characteristic. Mini Power Systems are small, compact AC/DC aggregates, from 0.1 to 7 kW and with flows from 1-40 lpm. They can be offered quickly and are easily assembled from our warehouse in Ystad. MPS is standardized to a great extent, but it is possible – and easy – to adapt the valve solutions.

Aggregate systems are more complicated aggregates featuring more advanced hydraulic systems. These are completely customized and are designed and manufactured from scratch. For these aggregates, size is not the important factor; we focus more on volume and a turnkey approach. This can cover everything from small aggregates that only produce a few liters per minute for a single function, to large aggregates with installed power of >500 kW that deliver hundreds of liters per minute for manifold functions.

a true turnkey approach

Electrical and control systems, installation material, documentation, calculations, simulations and more

HydX primarily uses quality products from selected suppliers, and can also design using other brands if the customer requests it. It is also common for us to take care of the electrical and control systems for the applications, which gives the customer an easier and secure path to a finished product. Commissioning and support agreements are often offered for this type of delivery and it is also possible to connect various levels of remote control and data storage. Furthermore, it is also possible to deliver complete sets of installation material (pipes-connections-hoses) – all to ensure a rapid installation. Quotations for installation on-site can be provided on request.

In many cases, different types of documentation are required for these aggregate systems. The complexity of the documentation can vary, from pure text documentation to interactive digital solutions and often in a number of different languages. We also take care of this documentation, in the way that best suits the customer. We can, for example, develop a digital solution for simple, immediate access to each individual aggregate’s documentation.

Application engineers at HydX conduct advanced calculations and simulations using tools such as SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation (CFD) and others, as well as our own in-house-developed general and application-specific calculation tools.

The DOcUMENTATION offering includes:

  • schedule
  • article lists
  • spare part lists
  • exploded views
  • interactive manuals
  • digital storage of documentation.

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