HydX believes in success through a strong and smooth running team that is built from each individual staff member’s development and stimulation. If the team wins, everyone wins. Therefore, we always show each other trust, respect and helpfulness. As engineers, technicians, sales representatives, finance officers, administrators and leaders, we focus on quality and innovation in our respective areas of expertise and strive to gain results that exceed our own expectations and those of our customers. At HydX, you can use your expertise, whatever it may be, to make life easier for our smart customers, who fortunately never stop challenging us.

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I learn something new the whole time.

Viktor Johansson, Sales Engineer, HydX

Viktor Johansson is a sales engineer and has worked at HydX since September 2016. With an educational background in electro-engineering and programming, it was perhaps not expected that he would seek to get into the hydraulic industry, but Viktor wanted to try something new and was attracted by the chance to work on solving problems. And problem-solving is always in focus at HydX, which he emphasizes is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the work. Viktor considers that variety is another benefit of working at HydX. One day he may be in contact with a large international company in Australia and the next it might be with a small company out in the forests of Småland. Viktor describes hydraulics as a proven method and the hydraulic industry as well established. HydX has long experience of hydraulics and Viktor feels that with his expertise in programming and electro-engineering, he gets the chance to make a big contribution, while learning something new the whole time.

HYDX is a FAMILy where we take care of each other and the customers.

Liselot Feikes de Groot, Purchaser, HydX

Liselot Feikes de Groot, is a purchaser who started her career at HydX in October 2010. At that time, hydraulics was “all Greek” to her, but today, with the knowledge she has acquired, she can understand that hydraulics can actually be used in almost any application. Now, she talks about hydraulics as an exciting area.

Lise has worked at HydX since the beginning and a lot has happened since then. When she started, her role as customer support included everything from contact with customers to working in the warehouse. With previous experience on the financial side and having focused on customer contacts for some years, she missed working with figures. In dialogue with her manager, Lise has been able to develop her role in the company. She says that HydX has given her everything she wished for and she feels that the company listens to what staff members want to do.

Today, Lise is involved in purchasing – a role she thrives in. HydX is described as a company with a family atmosphere, with all staff members getting involved and feeling passionate about finding the best solution, both for customers and internally. She believes that the company’s dynamism is mainly due to the staff members’ varied knowledge and experience, which creates many different approaches.

And the future looks bright. Lise sees that the hydraulic industry has begun to flourish again and she thinks it is cool that two companies in Ystad have such prominent positions in the international hydraulic market.


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Henrik Pålsson
Sales Manager Component Systems

Hydraulic is everywhere

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Mikael Andersson,
CEO of HydX


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