Component systems

When we sell system solutions that customers build into their own systems, we call these component systems. The result of our work is quite simply a set of components that is sent to the customer’s production facility and then integrated into the machine. We not only have products for designing a complete system for any type of application, we also possess kno-how. Our staff has long and sound system experience and product know-how that covers most brands in the sector. This applies not only within hydraulics, but also within control systems and radio control. By giving us system responsibility, you not only make things easier with fewer contacts, fewer meetings etc., but also gain a more secure and calmer atmosphere – a set of factors from which you can profit. We take responsibility for the function of your machine, and it is a responsibility we are more than willing to take on.

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Per Willberg
Account Manager

Hydraulic is everywhere

Are you curious about hydraulics? Watch our film and find out about the possibilities that exist.

Today we are one of the NORDic region’s MoST competitive and INNOVATIVe HYDRAULIc companies, sought after by companies worldwide.

Mikael Andersson,
CEO of HydX


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