HydX is an international requested partner in lubrication technology. We deliver lubrication solutions for hydrostatic and hydrodynamic bearings as well as oil and grease distribution. We have a strong partnership with SKF within this business area.

Oil lubrication systems

HydX delivers lubrication systems for large sized applications where traditional hydraulics are not sufficient. Among other applications, we develop the technology for the hydrostatic bearings that carry some of the world's largest mirror telescopes. The technology is also used in the mining industry for grinding mills that crush and pulverize ore. HydX has several international patents on solutions for oil lubrication systems and is often contracted as an advisor to the industry. We deal with oil lubrication systems with extremely high viscosity up to 25,000 cSt.

Grease lubrication systems

HydX offers products, services and professional advice within grease lubrication systems.




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